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Software outsourcing - nearshoring

Coreoptima: Business Performance Management

You can rely on Akota's software outsourcing services to help you develop, optimize and grow cost-effectively. Our location is especially well suited for providing software nearshore services to European and Middle-Eastern clients.

Coreoptima is a manager's best friend. It brings total alignment of operations with bussiness strategy. Its additional benefits are risk mitigation, increased productivity, process and project management.

Adlibera - Online advertizing accelerator Custom business software
In the market of performance based online advertizing every single click counts. Adlibera boosts the performance of online advertizing by up to 60%, while remaining transparent to website technology and architecture. Customers can rely on Akota's experience and organization to come up with the optimal software solution to their needs. We make no compromises when it comes to quality, reliability and scalability of our bespoke business software.

Digital Knowledge Management

From knowledge extraction to knowledge presentation, our solution detects and applies thesemantics of your business domain, to enable intelligent business software. Akota brings the competitive advantage that most businesses need. WebMall is our top-class B2B2C ecommerce infrastructure with numerous patent pending features. It provides an innovative business model coupled with an unprecendented integration of logistics, business process automation, scalable software platform, social network and user experience.
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